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Business start-up services

A full range of services is offered to the new business idea that is designed to suit each client's particular requirements. These services can include, but are not limited to :

Sole Traders

Sole traders are the simplest form of business and in the majority of cases are "one-man bands". We ensure that clients are registered for Self Assessment (income tax), national insurance, VAT and PAYE (where necessary).


Partnerships are very similar to sole trader businesses, but with the addition of at least one more "owner" or partner. Registration requirements are the same as for individuals, but we would always recommend that a "Partnership Agreement" is drawn up. Many partnerships start out with the best of intentions, but when differences between partners arise, it is important that there is a prior agreement in place to resolve those differences.

Limited Companies

A limited company can provide advantages in a number of ways, besides the obvious limitation of liability. It can be more versatile than a partnership, enabling relatively easy changes in ownership (via shareholdings), can separate ownership from control (non-shareholder directors) and can also provide tax planning opportunities for individuals by converting business income into dividends (subject to a lower rate of income tax) and avoiding national insurance.

Limited companies involve more statutory regulation than other business forms, but we can remove the stress and burden of such compliance.

Limited Liability Partnerships (LLPs)

A Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) shares many of the features of a normal partnership - but it also offers reduced personal responsibility for business debts. The Limited Liability Partnership format of registered company was originally created to enable the professions to take advantage of limited liability, but its popularity is growing among a much wider range of business. An unregistered Partnership has no protection if things go wrong, all or any of the Partners can be held liable for the debts of the other Partners even to the point of bankrupting the individuals. By registering as a Limited Liability Partnership the Members (Partners) protect their private assets. If the business fails the Members only lose the money they have actually invested in the Partnership

Community Interest Companies CICs)

A CIC is a fairly new type of company for people who want to be involved in a business that benefits the community (the population as a whole or a specific group), rather than just the owners, managers or employees - a social enterprise.

The special features of CICs make them particularly suitable for this purpose. A CIC can be a public company limited by shares, a private company limited by shares or a company limited by guarantee, and will have the same benefits and obligations as other companies of this type, including registration at Companies House.


To obtain further details of any of these services, please contact us using the address/phone/email details above. Alternatively, you may complete the "Contact" form which is accessed by clicking on the link to the right.