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The major forms of taxation - income, corporation, capital gains, inheritance, and value added - are expertly handled by submitting the necessary returns (with supporting accounts or other documentation), arranging a client's affairs in the most efficient way possible, and minimising the risks of an enquiry by H M Revenue & Customs. In addition to in-house expertise, third party consultants are retained on a permanent basis to ensure clients receive expert advice at all times.

We also provide the following services for each of the taxes detailed above:

Regularisation of Affairs

We regularly review a client's affairs to ensure that all legal requirements are met, thereby avoiding penalties and proceedings and minimising the risks of investigation.

Preparation and Filing of Returns

Annual, six-monthly, quarterly and monthly returns are all prepared and usually submitted online for individuals, sole traders, partners & partnerships, directors and companies. We produce all necessary accounts, computations and schedules to support the returns for the self assessment of income tax, corporation tax , capital gains tax, and inheritance tax. VAT and returns of tax deducted from interest and annual payments (CT61 returns) can also be prepared and submitted on a regular basis.

Tax Refunds

If you are a contractor suffering deductions under CIS, an employee subject to PAYE who incurs expenses on your employer's behalf or in travelling to temporary workplaces, an individual with little income but tax deducted at source or in other special circumstances, you may be entitled to significant tax refunds. We can calculate the amount of repayment and advise you of the sums due to you. If cost effective, we can arrange the submission of a self assessment tax return and the refund of overpaid tax. For a new client, if there is no expectation of a refund, no fee will be payable. Claims can be made for the last four years, so the sums recoverable can be significant. Don't delay. Refunds are paid directly to the client's bank account, so there is no risk involved. Fees are only payable following receipt of the refund, are advised before submission of returns and are not dependent upon the size of the refund.

Tax Credits

We can assist in the completion of the annual declaration to support tax credits claims and ensure deadlines are met. We can advise you of your actual or estimated figures in a timely fashion.

Tax Planning

A client's income and capital are examined to ensure optimal performance and the legal minimisation of tax liabilities, both income and inheritance. "Planning" includes the examination of options available to the client on when to register for VAT and whether to use a Flat Rate Scheme. Marketed tax avoidance schemes can be arranged where required, but the client should be aware of the risks attached to such schemes, particularly when they are deemed "artificial".

Tax planning extends to the cessation or disposal of a business and can have a major impact on the net proceeds available to the client. Forward planning, possibly over a number of years, is imperative in this situation to maximise the returns for the individual.

HMRC Investigations

Should a current (or non-current) client's return be selected for an aspect enquiry or full-depth investigation, we will deal with all communications and aspects of the enquiry using our extensive experience. These enquiries/investigations could be in the field of self-assessment - income tax , corporation tax, or capital gains tax - PAYE or VAT (including assurance visits). We also provide an "audit" facility prior to a planned visit from H M Revenue & Customs to proactively identify areas of concern and provide solutions.

We can provide a fee protection scheme to cover the cost of our fees should H M Revenue & Customs select a client's return for a simple enquiry or an in-depth investigation.


To obtain further details of any of these services, please contact us using the address/phone/email details above. Alternatively, you may complete the "Contact" form which is accessed by clicking on the link to the right.